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How to Make Money From Websites

27 Jun 2015

It is a question that I often get ask, indeed, one that I often pose to myself. “How can you make money from websites?” Or the rather more general “How do I make money on the internet?” In todays...

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My four greatest tips for student entrepreneurs

23 Jun 2015
Norman Armstrong, partner at leading business and financial adviser Grant Thornton, gives his top four tips on entrepreneurialism.
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On The Edge: The Hour Record

18 Jun 2015

On the 7th June 2015 Sir Bradley Wiggins did something that anyone who has the ability to ride a bike can – he hopped on his bike and cycled for an hour recording how far he had travelled. The...

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Exeter StartUp Weekend 2015

15 May 2015

The Innovation Centre is excited to be holding its first Google Startup Weekend this summer. Held between July 17 – 19th 2015, the event will be an opportunity for students with early stage...

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The General Election: Who is Best For Business Innovation?

05 May 2015

With all the coverage of the 2015 election I thought it would be an interesting task to sit down and analyses the election manifestos of the main political parities solely from the point of view...

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Google Mobile Update

03 May 2015

On the 25th of April 2015 Google brought out one of the most significant algorithmic search updates since the famous Panda/Penguin updates. Responding to a major shift during the last four years...

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Progress Update: Tandem

24 Apr 2015

I had the pleasure of catching up with Mark Milton this evening, talking about his new app concept Tandem. The premise of this app is to connect like minded individuals together through a “Tinder”...

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From bench to bedside: the challenges of taking a healthcare technology from idea to patient benefit

23 Mar 2015

The SETsquared Partnership is working in collaboration with the four Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) in the South of England to promote the uptake of innovation in healthcare.

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From researcher to innovator…and back again

16 Mar 2015

I love my job. I do. Each day I go into the office and respecting proven time-honoured traditions, I try to answer questions that can change the world…or just one life.     

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Pivot like a pro! The key to a successful startup?

11 Mar 2015

So you gave up your job to launch your startup, your friends and family invested in you, it’s a year down the line… and it’s not working. Do you quit, do you persevere… or do you pivot?

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