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Silk Pillowcases: Creating An eCommerce Website on a Shoe String

13 Jun 2014

Here it is, a progress update on my “eCommerce Website on a Shoe String” project. Just to recap, the motivation for this project came from observing many students at the university who were trying to...

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Progress Update: Whike

06 Jun 2014

For the thirteenth in our series of progress updates on University of Exeter students who have started business whist studying at the university I had the pleasure of meeting up with an old...

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Five people who’ve inspired me as an entrepreneur

03 Jun 2014

Having worked in sectors as different as theatre and aviation, I've realised that, whatever your work, the more you involve the people around you, the better. 

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Two Weeks at MIT: Big Ideas, Big Breakfasts and Entrepreneurship On The World Stage

02 Jun 2014

The UK is a great place to begin the journey of starting a company especially if software and medicine are your thing. Unfortunately because of our modest nature and ‘stiff upper lip’ we tend to shy...

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New Project: IVA Companies

26 May 2014

I am pleased to finally be able to reveal in full a new project (that will run alongside MGR Music Tuition LTD), one that I have been alluding to over the last two months in this blog! It sees the...

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Progress Update: Zooqie

17 May 2014

For the twelfth instalment of our University of Exeter student business updates I met up with Tom Shopland, a final year student who runs an online store for hand-picked independent clothing...

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Progress Update: Webwise Media

10 May 2014

For the eleventh progress update I managed to catch up with Dan Wiseman, founder of Webwise Media, a website design business aimed at creating affordable websites for small and medium businesses....

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Progress Update: Just Winston

03 May 2014

For the tenth article in our progress updates I sat down with Chris Rea, co-founder of a custom onesie clothing company called Young Ones, to talk about his growing involvement with another...

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Progress Update: Mammal Swag

27 Apr 2014

For the ninth in our progress update stories I met up with Jon Mills, the founder of Mammal Swag a clothing business that features Jon’s cartoon animals that have alter ego characters! Be it the...

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Progress Update: CampusBoard

20 Apr 2014

For the eighth of our progress updates I sat down with Seva Baskin, founder of CampusBoard – a platform for students to buy and sell anything at their university. Seva first came up with the idea...

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