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26 Oct 2016

Working as the Student Entrepreneur in Residence I met many entrepreneurial students studying at the university, though I knew that these students were only the tip of the iceberg in the numbers...

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Why SETsquared’s programmes are the path to success for high-tech start-ups

09 Sep 2016

When you have the germ of an idea for a business or just want to learn more about innovation, it can be daunting to know where to turn to gain the right skills and secure valuable advice.

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10 Top Tips for Delivering an Online Investment Pitch

02 Sep 2016

As part of our investment programme this year, we’re asking our member companies to pitch online to a panel of investors, in order to win a pitching slot at our annual investment showcase.

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Science and the humanities? When it comes to innovation they go together like ramma lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong!

13 Jul 2016
By definition, to innovate means to create something new. To charter undiscovered territories. That’s what we do as researchers, but we do it in an academic context. As a final-year doctoral...
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Day 10: Putting it all together

23 May 2016
A high level view
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Day 9: Networking and serendipity

20 May 2016
Venture Cafe at the Cambridge Innovation Centre in Kendall Square
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Day 8: A Journey into uncertainty

19 May 2016
Professor Charles Kooney
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Day 6: Building USA sales through the channel

18 May 2016
Great audience of investors and entrepeneurs for the "European Pitches" reception at the Cambridge Innovation Centre
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Day 7: Values and culture

18 May 2016
Boston by night
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Day 5: Ignore hidden costs at your peril

16 May 2016
One company practicing their USA-focused pitch for an invited audience of VCs and advisors
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