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The new space age could be bigger than the Internet

19 Jul 2017

Right now there are 1,500 satellites in the sky and if all the planned launches are realised this could rise to 25,000, it’s therefore inevitable that increasingly space data will be part of our...

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My top 5 tips for starting a tech business

30 Jun 2017

My tech venture aims to change the way that people book holidays online. Unlike most travel websites we don’t expect the user to do the work. Instead we match a budget against...

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I wish this programme had been around 10 years ago

12 Jun 2017

I’ve been running Fudge Animation, a full-service design, animation and production studio, for three years. But as a serial entrepreneur, I’ve started, run and sold businesses in the past. As clichéd...

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SETsquared’s Entrepreneurship Programme was enlightening and helped us pivot our target market

06 Jun 2017

I came up with the idea for my business whilst on my dream holiday in Barbados.

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My top tips for business success

06 Jun 2017

In March, I was honoured to be included on SETsquared’s list of Top 50 entrepreneurs in the last 15 years. The top 50 list got me thinking, what are the keys to entrepreneurial and business...

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SETsquared’s Entrepreneurship Programme gave my business a much welcomed validation check

17 May 2017

Having spent the last 25 years working in retail and fashion, my wife Cristina and I could clearly see a strong need for High Street fashion retailers to dramatically improve customer service by...

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Fashion and technology collide with exhilarating results

12 May 2017

The fashion industry is worth a staggering £26 billion to the UK economy and comes with an image of being at the forefront of new fads. It is, therefore, something of a mystery that until recently it...

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From zero to entrepreneur in two days

09 May 2017

On paper, SETsquared’s Entrepreneurship Programme sounded like the perfect course to help develop our fledgling tech business.

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Fueling Innovation: how SETsquared is opening the door to Open Innovation success

05 May 2017

Large corporate organisations are embracing new ways of doing business. By adopting a model of open innovation, they are increasingly looking beyond their own four walls to bring in ideas more...

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A square peg in a round hole

20 Apr 2017

My entrepreneurial journey so far and why other entrepreneurs should take part in SETsquared’s Entrepreneurship Programme

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