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Day 3: Take out the tech and focus on value

12 May 2016

More work on positioning today, focusing positioning further for the USA and for the selected audience. The focus remains simplifying and concentrating on the bare essentials. Extensive work on...

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Day 2: How to win VCs and influence them

11 May 2016

Day 2 started at around 04:00am for me with Jetlag still working through my system.  After a few hours working with the team in England, I set off for the Cambridge Innovation Centre for the...

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Day 1: Get to the point and do it fast

10 May 2016
Mike Austin, CEO of Fresh Relevance a Southampton SETsquared member company, reflects on the whirlwind that has been his first day on the kTeams accelerator programme in Boston.
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SETsquared’s Researcher to Innovator programme (R2I) changed my work as an academic

27 Apr 2016
After my PhD I worked a few years in industry, before taking the plunge into academia. Even though I worked in a research institute before, the change to working for a University was a bit of a...
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Entrepreneur of the Year 2016

17 Apr 2016

On the 8th April I was invited to attend the Express & Echo 2016 Business Awards, held at Sandy Park in Exeter. With the encouragement of Joe Pearce I had entered an application for MGR Music...

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National Business Awards & Wedding Band

28 Mar 2016

There has been a lot happening since my last post in August 2015! Firstly, I was very privileged to be able to join the University of Exeter at the National Business Awards in November, where the...

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Why I want SETsquared to lead the way for female tech entrepreneurs

07 Mar 2016

Martha Lane Fox’s 2015 Dimbleby Lecture identified the question of; ‘How to get more women into technology?’ as being key to the digital future of the nation.

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How space data could transform your technology start-up and why now is the right time to start using it

03 Feb 2016

The Space sector is at a major turning point, and now is the key time for technology ventures to capitalise on the availability and reduced cost of space-derived data.

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My top five tips for running a successful space tech business

28 Sep 2015

Proteus is leading the way in harnessing the availability, accuracy and resolution of satellite derived imagery coupled with advances in processing technologies to deliver global mapping solutions...

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How start-ups can harness the opportunities of emerging space technologies

28 Sep 2015

The biggest growth area for the space sector over the coming years is set to be in downstream technologies eg taking information and imagery available from satellites, combining it with terrestrial...

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