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What Investors Want - What They Really Really Want

14 Oct 2012

I have seen many investment pitches from entrepreneurs during my time at SETsquared and I am still amazed  that they miss what investors really want to hear - how they are going to make money! Most...

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Best of British Innovation to Showcase

02 Oct 2012

It is just 16 days to go now until our Investment Showcase on 18th October in London. I always get excited at this time of year. Being able to bring together 20 of our best investment opportunities...

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East & West – local clusters make the connections nationally and beyond

30 Sep 2012

Cambridge at the start of this week to catch up with our friends at Cambridge WirelessSilicon South West is partnering with the network on the Discovering Start-Ups competition (London 21.11.12)...

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Bardowl’s book streaming will change the way we read & write

22 Sep 2012

I was thrilled to see that Bardowl CEO, Chris Book, won the CEO Summit Award for Innovation at last week’s Meffys. Greatly deserved.  Chris is a superb business leader and contributes hugely to the...

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The failed marriage of the Engineer and the Businessman

11 Sep 2012
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The Startup Lifecycle

20 Aug 2012

I've been waiting for today to come. I've been waiting for some time now, I knew it was coming but like most entrepreneurs I thought... maybe I'll be lucky, maybe it won't come after all. I mean...

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Why winning the Olympics is simple.

13 Aug 2012
Every four years I receive a two week intensive course of inspiration. It's called 'The Olympic Games'. Being British, I was particularly inspired this year and so I thought I'd blog about the...
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Rejoice in the recession

06 Aug 2012
A blog about the silver lining and a few snaps from the last of the US.
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5 lessons from 5 months

11 Jun 2012
It's been just under 5 months since I arrived in America, 5 months that can only be described as a truly incredible journey. People often ask me, what's the one thing you've learned? Or what has...
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Where's your why?

17 May 2012
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