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Rejoice in the recession

06 Aug 2012
A blog about the silver lining and a few snaps from the last of the US.
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5 lessons from 5 months

11 Jun 2012
It's been just under 5 months since I arrived in America, 5 months that can only be described as a truly incredible journey. People often ask me, what's the one thing you've learned? Or what has...
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Where's your why?

17 May 2012
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Breeding 'Antipreneurs'

01 May 2012
A blog about education, entrepreneurship and a few pictures from life in the last few weeks and a recent weekend trip to the Orcas Islands near the Canadian border.
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24 Apr 2012

I spent Sunday afternoon with a new friend of mine. It was a stunningly beautiful afternoon, so much of it was spent outside soaking up the sun (apparently it's as rare here as it is back home in...

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Opening doors

19 Apr 2012

So I've just come back from Startup Weekend MEGA in San Francisco. Hosted at the Microsoft campus in Mountain View, it was a high energy, intense 3 days of building companies from the ground up.

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04 Apr 2012
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02 Apr 2012

A few photos I took this evening walking to meet 'the boys' for drinks in Belltown and some thoughts I had on the way home:

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Play it BIG

27 Mar 2012
This is an image I took from a plane 6 years ago when I left home at 17 and flew to Hong Kong. I wanted to go somewhere different, to expand my horizons and to push myself out of my comfort zone....
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Saturday stroll in Seattle

25 Mar 2012

I've come to the end of my first 'real' week working at Startup Weekend in Seattle. It's been great getting to know the people in the office. They're young, energetic, superbly clever but above...

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