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What’s Your App?

11 Feb 2013

SETsquared is running a hackathon next weekend to find the best apps to put forward to the Microsoft  Imagine Cup competition. This set me thinking, what apps would I want on my phone that I don’t...

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Week Six

08 Feb 2013

The SetSquared Xing event held at the University of Surrey was unquestionably the highlight of this week. After an inopportune 5am start Exeter university’s crack team of six of our best...

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Week Five

01 Feb 2013

This week started with a conference held up at the Innovation Centre to promote one of the best scholarship courses I have ever heard of! The Kauffman Scholarship is a fully funded 15-month...

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Week Four

27 Jan 2013

Another furious week this week up at the Innovation Centre as we awarded grant funding to our first student business of the year! Dan Wiseman, a recent drama graduate and current owner of Webwise...

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Week Three

20 Jan 2013

JD Solis were the student business find of the week! Ran by Alex O’Mahony-Zed, Nathaniel Rankin and Samuel Cooledge this premium operation began in summer 2012 as the three Exeter University...

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19 Jan 2013

"Your focus needs more focus".These words of wisdom uttered by Mr. Han in the new Karate Kid are as relevant to Jaden Smith's character as they are to a startup, or any business for that matter. 

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Great Artists Steal

12 Jan 2013

“Good artists copy, but great artists steal”, Pablo PicassoThroughout art history, artists have learnt from the old masters before them, in a constant painterly dialogue between old and...

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Hello World Wide Web

12 Jan 2013
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01 Jan 2013

Hello, my name is Matthew Rusk and I am this academic year’s Student Entrepreneur in Residence working with Exeter university students who have business ideas! I started a business while studying...

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Could you sell your own Granny?

29 Nov 2012

We have all heard that expression but most of us think that this applies to those who are "sales" people. When I started work in IT I certainly thought sales was only something “those types of...

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