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Why is PR so important to tech start ups?

10 Feb 2014

It was fitting that SETsquared asked me to write a blog about why PR is so important to tech start ups around Valentine’s Day

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Why people make the world go round

27 Aug 2013

Having just returned from an exciting, thought provoking and invaluable experience at the Think Young Entrepreneurship Summer School or ESS for short, I thought I’d give my two pence worth on the...

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Entrepreneurship: Belief, Courage, Commitment, Knowledge, Passion, Failure, Failure, Failure … and Success!

14 Aug 2013

Just a few weeks ago I had the unique privilege of being awarded a fully-funded place at the Think Young Entrepreneurial Summer School in Brussels, thanks to SETsquared.

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You can’t succeed without failing first

24 Jul 2013

As the winner of a SETsquared funded place on the Think Young Entrepreneurship Summer School, I soon found myself in the centre of Brussels after a short hop over from St Pancras on the Eurostar....

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Microsoft Imagine Cup World Finals: Where geekiness meets the real world

18 Jul 2013

Take one of the biggest tech companies in the world: Microsoft. Throw in 87 student teams from 71 different countries, all brought to the same hotel for five days to compete one against the other...

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Just one moment in time and 50 grand later

12 Jul 2013

As I see the guys from SoundSYNK presenting their app in Russia this week as part of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup World-wide final, I am struck how small decisions can change people’s lives. In...

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From Russia with Apps

08 Jul 2013

And so it begins. Our team of intrepid student entrepreneurs have arrived in St Petersburg, Russia to battle it out with the very best student app developers from around the world in the global...

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The MIT Experience: Two weeks of American-style entrepreneurship

14 Jun 2013

As University of Exeter students who won the regional and national Microsoft Imagine Cup technology competition by developing SoundSynk - an innovative music app for smartphones – approaching the...

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Google Glass bugs are an Entrepreneurs’ Charter

14 May 2013 If looking through the new Google Glass doesn’t make you dizzy, then the pre-launch PR spin certainly will. Last month Seattle night club, The 5 Point, announced it has banned...

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5 things I wish I’d known as a student entrepreneur

14 May 2013

I always knew I wanted to start my own business. I just didn’t know what to do! I see a lot of students now and some are keen to start a business, but never seem quite certain what to do. So that is...

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