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Blog author: Rosie Bennett

Rosie has a production and marketing background in broadcast and interactive media having joined BBC Online in its formative years. In 1999 she moved to Amsterdam to launch and run the entertainment portals for European cable ISP, Chello Broadband. She went on to become Production Director at UPC Media to be part of the team that deployed a multiligual Interactive TV product on multiple set top box technologies. Since returning to the UK, Rosie has launched a consultancy, worked with a venture capital advisory firm and co-founded a startup. She joined SETsquared in 2014 as Entrepreneur in Residence in Bath.

Why I want SETsquared to lead the way for female tech entrepreneurs

07 Mar 2016

Martha Lane Fox’s 2015 Dimbleby Lecture identified the question of; ‘How to get more women into technology?’ as being key to the digital future of the nation.

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Pivot like a pro! The key to a successful startup?

11 Mar 2015

So you gave up your job to launch your startup, your friends and family invested in you, it’s a year down the line… and it’s not working. Do you quit, do you persevere… or do you pivot?

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Bath MBA students put 'entrepreneurship into action' at the Innovation Centre

02 Mar 2015

Last Friday the second in a series of entrepreneur experience events for University of Bath MBA students took place at the Innovation Centre. The day was divided into 12 pitch and Q&A sessions for...

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