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Blog author: Paul Forster

Paul Forster is Community Manager at SETsquared Bristol, where he builds relationships, connects and solves problems within the SETsquared community, and works with the wider Bristol and South West ecosystem to form collaborative and mutually beneficial partnerships. He project manages partnerships with corporate and innovative partners and is focused on and committed to spearheading diversity. Previously Programme Manager at TechHub London, where he grew their startup programme from the ground up and is currently co-Director of For Books' Sake, a social enterprise that champions women's writing through live events, workshops, publishing and more.

Don’t believe the hype – tech sector diversity isn’t a trend, it’s embedded

16 May 2018

As much as any other industry the tech industry is obsessed with trends. Figuring out what verticals or emerging tech is at the start of their hype cycle is investor pixie dust and predicting what...

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