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Blog author: Murray Reed

Murray has more than 25 years of experience developing high tech products for major international corporate customers including Intel, Apple, ASML, Samsung & Osram. He is a kiwi who moved to San Francisco to get a PhD building advanced lasers for semiconductor lithography at Stanford. He then worked as an engineer and manager for multiple companies in Silicon Valley before relocating to Devon in 2015. His senior roles have including being CTO for Gooch and Housego, GM of New Focus, and VP of Engineering for Coherent. He is an expert in developing technology and business including investment, acquisitions and intellectual property, and is currently advising new enterprises across the UK, USA and the Pacific.

From Silicon Valley to the Devonshire Valleys…

26 Apr 2018

Murray Reed has recently joined SETsquared Exeter as Innovation Manager. In this blog, he shares his experiences of doing business on the other side of the Atlantic and gives an overview of how he...

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