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Blog author: Dr Daniel Murray

Dr Dan Murray has 10 years’ experience of working with microalgae from an applied viewpont, including a PhD from Cranfield University. This has included looking at them as a problem for the water industry and environment along with methods of controlling them; but also as a potential resource and how to commercialise their use. This has included designing the processes required for using algae commercially including for the removal of nutrients from WW. Daniel also has experience of finance analysis, management and procurement through his time working in the NHS. He now spends his time as CEO of Industrial Phycology, an award winning UK company focused on industrial scale uses of algae. When not working he spends his time reading, playing squash,SCUBA diving and watching cheesy horror films.

Two Weeks at MIT: Big Ideas, Big Breakfasts and Entrepreneurship On The World Stage

02 Jun 2014

The UK is a great place to begin the journey of starting a company especially if software and medicine are your thing. Unfortunately because of our modest nature and ‘stiff upper lip’ we tend to shy...

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