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Progress Update: Mammal Swag

27 Apr 2014

For the ninth in our progress update stories I met up with Jon Mills, the founder of Mammal Swag a clothing business that features Jon’s cartoon animals that have alter ego characters! Be it the...

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Progress Update: CampusBoard

20 Apr 2014

For the eighth of our progress updates I sat down with Seva Baskin, founder of CampusBoard – a platform for students to buy and sell anything at their university. Seva first came up with the idea...

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Progress Update: The Student Bubble

18 Apr 2014

For the seventh in our progress updates I thought I would catch up with Nick O’Ferrall and Elina Lulle, co-founders of the Student Bubble – a website that draws together and reviews some of the...

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Progress Update: Guitar Lessons London

17 Apr 2014

I thought exactly one year to the day when I launched Guitar Lessons London I thought I would write a short personal update on its development, a story of pivoting, entering the most competitive...

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How can academics get more impact from their research?

08 Apr 2014

When I heard about the Researcher to Innovator programme from SETsquared I thought it would be a good opportunity to find out more about how to bring my research out of the lab into real world...

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Progress Update: Young Ones

05 Apr 2014

For the sixth of our progress updates I caught up with Chris Rea, co-founder of Young Ones a youth focused clothing company that Chris launched while studying at the University of Exeter. I last...

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