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Five things attending Researcher to Innovator did for me

31 Mar 2014

1) It taught me that throwing caution to the wind can be a good thing

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Progress Update: Macaw Designs

30 Mar 2014

Today I caught up with Ali Gillum for the fifth in our series of University of Exeter student business updates. Ali is the founder of a fantastic social enterprise called Macaw Designs, which...

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Progress Update: Jollie Goods

25 Mar 2014

For the forth of our progress updates I met up with Ed Vickers, founder of one of the University of Exeter’s most successful social enterprises Jollie Goods. I originally posted about Ed’s...

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Progress Update: UniCoRide

16 Mar 2014

For the third in my series of progress updates on University of Exeter students who run businesses I met up with Charley Allen, a fourth year French, Spanish and Philosophy student, who has...

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From patents to products – taking university IP out of the lab and onto the market

10 Mar 2014

“95% of patents filed by universities are never commercialised” was the opening gambit at the SETsquared organised Marblar event at the end of February – a direct quote from Marblar’s CEO and...

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Progress Update: Tight Threads

08 Mar 2014

For the second progress update on a University of Exeter student business I met up with Nathan Dundovic, founder of Tight Threads – a photographic clothing company. Nathan, now a third year...

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Are female tech entrepreneurs still a rare breed in the UK?

07 Mar 2014

With International Women’s Day fast approaching on 8th March, it got me thinking about women in business, or more specifically women in high-tech start-ups, the type of ventures that SETsquared...

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Progress Update: The Ember Club

01 Mar 2014

I thought a year on from my last blog post it would be great time time to start a series of progress updates on some of the entrepreneurial students that we have worked with here at the Innovation...

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