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My four greatest tips for student entrepreneurs

Norman Armstrong, partner at leading business and financial adviser Grant Thornton, gives his top four tips on entrepreneurialism.
1. Serve society and seek to make a difference
As an entrepreneur you have to serve society. It'll be where your best ideas come from. So many of the companies at the recent SETsquared Student Enterprise Awards clearly have considered this already, including TrueInvivo, which has developed an innovative method of measuring radiation dosage in cancer patients. 
2. Put something back
Whether you keep attending SETsquared events to lend your newly gained expertise or you set up a great employee benefits scheme, businesses that give back are always highly regarded. Take ultimate entrepreneur Richard Branson - Virgin is always in the news for the ways he is finding to give back. 
3. Be the best you can be
This might mean you resist selling to the first good bid. You should realise your potential and the potential for your idea or organisation and want to take it as far as you can. 
4. Make money
Finally, don't be ashamed to make money! Your drive to make money is one of the reasons why you are great entrepreneurs - don't lose it.