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New Project: IVA Companies

I am pleased to finally be able to reveal in full a new project (that will run alongside MGR Music Tuition LTD), one that I have been alluding to over the last two months in this blog! It sees the business enter into a new industry, building on its success in the music tuition market to start to generate leads within a new environment. So what is the story? Well back in early 2014 I was approached by the director of Fresh Start Debt Management, a Hull based financial management company, to see if I could create one to three new websites that would increase the number of enquiries the company received – working on the same principles of my current business; aggregating enquiries across multiple websites to create a steady stream of fresh leads passed onto an end client. I was more than happy to accept the project and excited about the challenge about entering one of the most competitive online environments.

After several meetings, a great deal of market research and project proposals three websites were selected to be trialled, the first of which I am proud to announce today! IVA Companies focuses on one particular product in this market, with the website looking to drive enquiries in complete replication of the current music tuition model. The question is will it work? Well, actually I have no idea! But I can promise that I will work really hard on the website to give it a fighting chance. It also marks an important stage in the development of the business as a whole, which potentially sees the company move slowly away from simply operating in the music tuition market – having traded within this environment for over ten years it is certainly a significant step. I will of course keep you updated with these new developments, but for now I would like to present my first non-music website IVA Companies!