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From Russia with Apps

And so it begins. Our team of intrepid student entrepreneurs have arrived in St Petersburg, Russia to battle it out with the very best student app developers from around the world in the global final of the Microsoft Imagine Cup.

The team of four University of Exeter students, who are the only British representation in the competition, have officially registered this morning – so there’s no turning back. They’ve polished their presentation, primed their demo and even have matching ‘onesies’ with Union Jack flipflops as the official team uniform.

SoundSYNK team with their Mentor Calum Cawley 

They will be pitching their music streaming app, called SoundSYNK, which allows multiple phones and devices to join together and play the same song simultaneously, effectively creating a symphony of speakers. 

The Team with Tracy Costello from University of Exeter's Student Enterprise group Ignite and Natasha Joseph from Microsoft UK

Read about their journey so far – how they came up with the concept for the app and the support they’ve received to develop it into a credible business proposition. Doug Richards, ex Dragon’s Den, who met the team back in March, said you see one app a year that you know will make money and this year it is SoundSYNK. 

Follow their story on Twitter #IgniteinRussia #imaginecup @setsquared @SoundSYNK 

All the Imagine Cup Teams from around the world with SoundSYNK centre stage

The results will be announced on Thursday evening.

Good luck to the SoundSYNK team from all at SETsquared!