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What’s behind a tech-startup?

When people hear of a new website or tech startup – what do they think of?

It’s easier to imagine the inner workings behind a clothing brand; images of stock, piles of t-shirts, packaging etc come to mind. But what is behind the screen you are looking at now? Is it a bunch of code, developed through hours upon hours of sitting behind a computer?

We have worked on Instabear, ( since Christmas, and are due to launch in mid-April. We print and deliver instagram photos, straight from a user’s login details – no messing around with cables or upload times. We print from the cloud.

Although I have limited technical knowledge, it has been a joint venture between myself and Tom Frew that has created instabear. Although we have had nights crammed around the computer screen, I would argue this is only the start. We have had endless calls with suppliers, sorted through tonnes of physical prints, learnt about ‘paper weights’, ink variants, digital vs. press printing and met a host of people connected to the industry. From meetings with the bank, to spray-painting t-shirts at the back of our house, to throwing a beta-test party. Starting up a website that utilises technology in a new way definitely isn’t as easy as I thought it would be, (testament to the fact that we are a month behind on our launch! #gettingthere). But I think that is the great thing about starting an online business, they will always exist outside of the computer screen, and have the ability to constantly progress as technology evolves.

SETsquared's student enterprise support has been a massive help in getting us off the ground. Since showing our proof of concept to the Innovation Centre at Exeter, we are on our way to receive an initial investment in our iPhone and Android app. We were also awarded 2nd place at Deloitte’s annual young business competition, on the back of which we have had received some great inquiries and publicity!