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Wear a pair, Share a pair

Jollie Goods is a more-than-profit initiative that aims to provide high-quality products as a means to helping Britain's homeless communities. Launched just prior to Christmas 2012, this distinctively British start-up promises to distribute a pair of thick, warm, winter socks to your local homeless initiative for every pair of their unique blue and yellow socks that are purchased.

The socks are as unique in their packaging as they are in their social impact, arriving on your doorstep in an aluminium tin with ring-pull back lid that can serve as a penny jar for the local shelter once empty. The old-fashioned wooden dolly peg that comes inside finishes the authentic vintage feel nicely.

Jollie Goods Ltd was established by Exeter University student Ed Vickers to whom the idea came after becoming involved with his local homeless initiative. Passionate about the cause and enthusiastic for his new enterprise, Vickers and his business partner are now exploring the possibilities for extending the company's range while remaining passionately committed to the movement's root focus - to give Britain's cool kids a chance to warm the feet of their fellow-citizens on the street, and look pretty funky while doing so.

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