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Around 8 or 9 months ago I received a phone call giving me the most exciting news I’d ever received: I was going to be the SETsquared Kauffman Global Scholar for 2013*.
In a week’s time I will be the one fortunate soul from across the SETsquared partnership of universities that will get to join the Kauffman Foundation’s program for 6 months. 
Shaun Miller
Photo of me taken the day I found out. Happy chappy. 

In July, I graduated in BSc (Hons) Economics the University of Bristol with a First. I spent a fair proportion of my time at Bristol immersed in the entrepreneurial activities on offer, dipping my feet into startup waters and listening to those who have successfully made the plunge. 

What did I have to do to get the scholarship? At the end of March, I presented my newly formed business to a panel of about 7 judges. I was convinced that our idea would change the way golfers everywhere will learn and improve their swing. Today, my thinking is not too different, but I am more pragmatic on how we will achieve something like that original vision. You’ll probably be seeing the words inMotion mentioned in this blog over the coming months quite a lot, so I’ll save a longer description about our progress and future plans for another post. 

Outside of business, I’m a keen sportsman, Arts enthusiast and occasional painter. 
Throughout my time in the US, I will be blogging about my progress on the Program. Some parts will be written as a note to my future self to serve as a reminder of what I’ve learnt. Stay tuned and feel free to get in touch. 

*The Kauffman Global Scholars Program was initially established in 2007 after then Prime Minister Gordon Brown worked with the Kauffman Foundation to establish a program to help a bright engineers and scientists turn their ideas into viable high growth startups. Thanks to SETsquared, each year one student from the UK still gets to take part on this once in a lifetime opportunity- I am hugely grateful for having this chance.