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The Startup Lifecycle

I've been waiting for today to come. I've been waiting for some time now, I knew it was coming but like most entrepreneurs I thought... maybe I'll be lucky, maybe it won't come after all. I mean I'm different right? I can learn from other peoples mistakes, I'll blissfully pass over this day on my ascent to success. Mmm sure. Today I realised that I don't have a clue.

That, that up there, is a photo I took of a slide during a keynote at the annual Big Omaha conference in Nebraska earlier in the year (See the whole keynote from Sarah Prevette here). At the time I thought, "thats pretty funny, doesn't apply to me but it's pretty funny". Unfortunately it does apply to me, it applies to me just like it applies to everyone else. If you don't think it does, you're either not an entrepreneur or you're still in the area entitled 'launch hype'.
Launch hype, thats where I was, I woke up there this morning as I have done every other morning for the last month. I still thought I'd cruise past the 'plateau of disenchantment' and go straight to the top of the 'sloth ascent'. But no, instead I had my weekly phone call with one of my mentors who asked some questions I wasn't able to answer. Now I'm down there at the point aptly named 'the first time you realise you don't have a clue'.
'Fake it 'til you make it' right? Well I've been faking it for a while now. So I've set this picture as my screen background and I'm going to start making it. I'm even looking forward to the plateau of disenchantment!
It's one of those days where you've got some tough decisions to make. One of those days when 'bootstrapping' is really not cool. One of those days when you just wish that Angel investor you've been looking for just knocks on your door with a briefcase full of cash. But it's also one of those days that you'll look back on and say, yep, that was a defining moment in my Startup Lifecycle, that was the day I stopped faking it and became an entrepreneur.
Being squeezed or forced into a corner makes you think, it brings out your creativity and resilience. It forces you to come up with the strategy that will lead to success. Who knows, maybe the next phone call I have will be the developer I've desperately been looking for (we are actually desperately looking for a good developer, so email me: Either way, according to the graph above, tomorrow things get better! ...At least for a short while. Bring on the 'humps'.