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A few photos I took this evening walking to meet 'the boys' for drinks in Belltown and some thoughts I had on the way home:

Ever since I arrived in the States I repeatedly get asked the same question, and I never know what to say. My mind goes completely blank as I desperately try to pull together the thousands of thoughts and experiences of the last two and a half months. The question is, "so, what have you learnt?"
Looking East into downtown Seattle

I feel like a child being asked, "so, tell me, how did you learn to walk?"The answer isn't immediately apparent. There were a thousand lessons learned before I stood upright, but now i'm walking tall. Sure I still fall over but you get right back up again and carry on. It's the only way forward.

Looking South across Seattle's beautiful western shore

I've learned an incredible amount since my arrival, my thoughts are more organised, I find it easier to articulate what I want to achieve and how I am going achieve it but I still couldn't tell you precisely what i've learnt.

TED talks, lessons from Noam Wasserman's new book and plenty of 'notes to self'

The nice things is, i'm still learning. The people at Startup Weekend are a wealth of knowledge and advice and it's great to be amongst them. I've replaced the fantastic lectures of Harvard, MIT, U Penn, Uni North Carolina etc by watching TED talks at home in the evening and i'm always seeking new sources of inspiration.

The view west to Olympic National Park from downtown Seattle. Still my favourite view in the city.

So, I suppose the one truth that has come from all this is that questions only lead to more questions!