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Saturday stroll in Seattle

I've come to the end of my first 'real' week working at Startup Weekend in Seattle. It's been great getting to know the people in the office. They're young, energetic, superbly clever but above all, they're passionate. Passionate about what they do and how they can help the next generation of entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground.

I've been given data to parse, deadlines to meet, projects to build. I've been made part of the team. I've been doing things that help me and in return help them. I'm going to learn a lot here and i'm glad to say that even though i'm 'working', it still doesn't feel like work! So here's to Monday!
A few pictures I took today while walking around Seattle, sorting my thoughts and wondering about the future.
The famous Pike Place Market
3 images from Seattle's 'Experience Music Project' centre
The very first ever Starbucks coffee shop. Still retaining it's original look.
A glorious view to the mountains of Olympic National Park from the downtown waterfront.
A brilliant, eccentric and wildly enthusiastic pianist next to Pike Place Market.