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The Yes Men

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to Powder Mountain ski resort in Utah to stay with the guys who run Summit Series. To give you a flavour of what they do, here's a link to a quick video. The weekend wasn't quite to the same scale as in the video but the premise was the same.

The obligatory early morning airport photo in Seattle.
We were hosted in fabulous style, were catered for by an internationally renowned chef and skied on our own private mountain. But that wasn't the point. The point was to bring the new thought leaders of the world together. To collaborate, to share thoughts, energy and ideas. The point was to create the future.
The Summit Lake House. Many times more beautiful on the inside.
What struck me was the diversity of the people there; almost 100 artists, musicians, investors, visionaries and entrepreneurs to name a few. While  the list of professions may have been diverse they all shared the same ultimate vision. A better world.
The glorious and vast Utah landscape in early evening.
These are people who encourage crazy ideas, who think deeply about how to make the world better and who aren't afraid to take risks. These are people who drive the economy not drain it. These are people who say 'Yes' instead of 'No'.
Our own private ski resort - I never thought i'd see the day.
I felt like I had no place being there, I felt like my achievements amounted to nothing in comparison. But I felt welcomed, I felt respected, I felt empowered and I felt inspired.
Powder Mountain living up to its name.
Did the weekend change my perspective? Do I have grand visions for the future? Am I afraid of failing? But am I going to try my best anyway? Yes, yes, yes and YES.