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The End of Part II

Stage two has come to an end. Which means the intensive lecture course and 'mini-masters' is over. Along with site visits to the likes of Google, Shopkick, Hubspot, DEKA, IDEO etc. However it doesn't mean the learning has finished! I'm now in Seattle for the best part of 3 months where i'll be doing an internship with the company 'Startup Weekend'. Check them out here: I'm super excited to be working alongside some of the most enthusiastic and passionate entrepreneurs in the states.

Work starts on Tuesday, which gives me a little time to get myself set up in my new pad and explore the area - as well as get through that nasty backlog of emails!! I can't wait to meet the team and get stuck in!! The only downside is the renowned Seattle weather - a slight change from the sunshine and mid 20's I enjoyed back in Cali.
Nooooo, lets hope it's not set to last!