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Goodbye San Francisco

A few quotes and photos from my final days in Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

"Do you know what we call a failed entrepreneur in 'The Valley'? We call them experienced - it's a good thing"

Steve Blank - we were lucky to be invited to his home ranch on the pacific coast.

'Cisco through the Gate

"Startups are not smaller versions of larger companies - it took us a while to realise that"


Super sunny Sunday afternoon in San Fran - who would have guessed it was early march!

"There are no facts inside your building, so get the hell out! Go and talk to customers!!"


An impressive sight - the Golden Gate Bridge

"If you put your words down on paper and get funding for your business plan you assume all you need to do is execute. You assume all your guesses are correct..... No business plan survives first contact with customers"


Google provide really funky bikes for their employees to cruise around campus on. They're not locked up, it's a culture of freedom and responsibility.

"The only way to grow a company is to hire people. That's the only right answer as to why you need investment. To hire people."

Thomas Karte - AngelPad

...And we took full advantage. Gmales on tour!

"I've been conditioned for the last 25 years to follow orders and make someone happy. My teachers, my boss, my parents etc. When you're in the startup world you don't have that feedback loop at all. I could literally lie in bed all day and no one would call me. That's scary. It takes a great deal of motivation and self discipline to be successful."

Anon - Delores Labs

The last free day in California, three of us took the opportunity to grab some bikes (not from Google I must add) and get out of the city.

"Working with co-founders is worse than being married"

Chris Gill - SV Forum