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Feet on the ground

Today was a good day. I mean every day has been a good day but today was good in a different way.

It was an early start, we drove out west to the Pacific coast and south along Highway One where we had a session with Steve Blank at his home 'ranch'. When you descend the mountains west of silicon valley down to the sea you drop into thick mist. The road is shrouded and you can't see much (this is where the story becomes cheesy) and then suddenly you drive out of the mist into clear blue skies, blazing sun, headlands separated by small beaches that go on forever and waves. Lines and lines of waves stacked up to the horizon.

It made me think. I've become so preoccupied with business, so completely immersed in the world of start-ups. I live, breathe and even dream about the business ideas i'm working on. I've forgotten that life exists outside of my little bubble. Learning to become an 'entrepreneur' is a toxic, contagious and highly addictive state of mind. I love it, but today I saw the bigger picture.

The sea and the waves made me realise values outside of my field of vision. A gentle reminder of home, friends and the life I left behind. It'll be a sad day if I ever let my feet leave the ground and loose sight of what really matters. I was glad to see that today was not that day!

The view from Steve's place over the Pacific Ocean.