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Kicks in Cali

We were privileged to have Cyriac Roeding of 'Shopkick' talk to us scholars for 45 minutes today. As a founder and CEO of a new tech firm he almost certainly has his work completely cut out but he still so clearly managed to convey unbelievable levels of passion and even greater insight into the world of retail and the entrepreneur. This blog contains a few quotes that I managed to scribble down as well as a few pics from the first 2 days in San Fran.

The 'Cisco skyline

"I fail at least 50% of the time, but the times I succeed make the failures seem completely insignificant"

Alcatraz from a different perspective...

"You're going to spend the same amount of fre*king energy on a tiny idea as you do on a big one. So why not go for the big one??!!"

More of the city from the top of a hotel on the hill

"Finding the right question is half of the problem. Too many entrepreneurs dive straight in. Just stop and THINK!"

I like California, I think i'll stay.

"Think very hard about how big something is likely to become"

Riding the tram

"Try to kill your idea as much as possible, I mean really try to kill it, look for every way in which it could fail. And if it persists, if it survives, if it's still a good idea at the end - thats when you know you've got something worth pursuing"

The Golden Gate bridge at sunset from the beach