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It’s all about the people...

12 Apr 2018

I am often asked what is the secret sauce at SETsquared - what is it we do that wins us the awards and gives our companies the best springboard for success? I think it’s essentially very simple -...

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I thought the Health Innovation Programme wasn’t for businesses like mine. How wrong could I be?

10 Apr 2018

Debra Carter, founder of Touch Network, describes her experiences of the March 2018 Health Innovation Programme and what it’s meant for her business.

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Experts share their top tips for investment success

09 Apr 2018

In our latest podcast we wanted to help answer that perennial question from start-ups and entrepreneurs: How do I make my business proposition attractive in the eyes of an investor?

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Investment and people have been key building blocks in our growth so far

23 Mar 2018

We formed Inductosense in October 2015 with some angel investment and funding from InnovateUK. At that stage we had one employee, our CTO Dr. Chenghuan Zhong, who moved from his post-doc position...

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Starting a tech business? This programme will put you on the fast-track to success

16 Mar 2018

SETsquared Surrey’s Digital Business Acceleration Hubs (DBAH) programme is proving to be an invaluable springboard for entrepreneurs and start-ups, accelerating their path to investment, growth...

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Success is not just about money, it’s about finding people who share your vision

12 Mar 2018

When I joined Verv at the beginning of 2017 we had 9 employees and big plans for growth. Today we are up to 44 employees and counting - we expect to be up to 50 people in the next couple of...

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Our key to growth success? Get your support networks right

05 Mar 2018

When my husband and I started SEaB in 2009 we set out to find a niche in renewable energy options for large oil and gas corporates. Fast forward nearly ten years and we’ve grown the team to 22...

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All they wanted was a faster horse!

09 Feb 2018

As one of SETsquared Bristol’s entrepreneurs-in-residence, I get to meet a broad range of people and businesses across the high tech sector. In my numerous meetings with early stage entrepreneurs...

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Our technology makes healthcare more preventative and affordable

26 Jan 2018

We’ve developed a new digital technology called Lifelight which is able to measure patient vital signs: heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation in 60 seconds using just...

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You can’t build a business on ‘how’ and ‘what’ – it’s always the ‘why’

03 Jan 2018

Over the years I’ve spent a considerable amount of time and money attending business and marketing training courses – some of them have been valuable and some frankly haven’t been useful at all....

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